Enjoy a comfortable and safe stay at Pattom Royal, an incredible Kerala hotel in Trivandrum!

Taking a holiday doesn’t just mean going on an adventure or exploring nature; it means relaxing. Which are the best hotels in Trivandrum City to embrace leisure? The answer is simple, Pattom Royal Kerala hotel in Trivandrum. 


Discover nature’s charismatic beauty during your holiday in Kerala. Pattom Royal is one of the top 10 hotels in Trivandrum where business and leisure are brought together. Pattom Royal is one of the best hotels in Trivandrum, offering a contemporary design and a serene view for a perfect staycation. This perfect Kerala hotel in Trivandrum is a first-of-its-kind located just 30 minutes from the airport, making it an excellent accommodation choice. In terms of amenities, Pattom Royal, one of the best hotels in Trivandrum city, offers a large convention centre equipped with all the latest technology. 


A memorable vacation awaits you at Pattom Royal, one of the best hotels in Trivandrum!


There is no better place for a vacation than Trivandrum, whether it’s for business meetings, family vacations or romantic getaways. Pattom Royal is among the top 10 hotels in Trivandrum, a place where you can find the ultimate comfort and pleasure without sacrificing your budget. Pattom Royal, one of the best hotels in Trivandrum, offers a global concept of dining with its finest Keralan restaurants serving authentic dishes and international cuisine. From breakfast to lunch to dinner, the Pattom Royal caters to every mood and every celebration. The executive bar at this Kerala hotel Trivandrum is the perfect place to catch the evening beauty. Pattom Royal has the best accommodation units that are not only spacious but also include every facility your family needs to feel at home. It is one of the best rooms in Trivandrum when it comes to safety and comfort. With top-notch services, Pattom Royal caters to your comfort and needs during your holiday. Royal Standard rooms are designed in a contemporary style with grandeur while still providing comfort without compromising space. Each room is equipped with a safe locker and an excellent security system so that guests can feel at ease – your belongings will be kept safely. 


Whether you are looking for elegant rooms in Trivandrum for your family or business, Pattom Royal Hotel is the right choice. Pattom Royal has one goal: to make you happy. Stay at Pattom Royal, one of the finest hotels in Trivandrum, to enjoy a comfortable and safe stay.

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