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Welcome to Royal Deluxe Room

Be indulged in the business-class luxury of our Royal Deluxe bedrooms. You will be taken by surprise by the richness of our Royal deluxe rooms extravagantly furnished at Pattom Royal such that you wouldn’t wish for more. Complete with all modern facilities and amenities, the royal deluxe rooms deliver the best space ensuring complete comfort and convenience. These top-class rooms at 300sq.ft have interconnected room facilities designed to offer ease of mobility within the large accommodation.
The royal deluxe rooms boast a high business-class appeal in full capacity. The guests can avail themselves of high-speed internet over Wi-Fi allowing seamless connectivity for their personal or business needs. The rooms also have provision for tea/coffee amenities, minibar making your stay the most soothing one. The safe locker and strong security service offered ensures our guest remain unworried about their belongings and personal safety. Guests can also avail of the service of a health professional and guest assist 24×7. We ensure the most convenient room service for you all the while ensuring it be luxurious and relaxing. At Pattom Royal, we make sure our guests are offered whatever they need in perfect detail. One of the most preferred city hotel, Pattom Royal offers one of the most remarkable and unique experiences in the capital city. We constantly make every effort to offer top-class accommodation to our beloved guests, making us the ideal choice for you.

Queen bed

High-speed internet via Wi-Fi

Guest assistance and laundry

Professional medical care 24x7

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