Pattom Royal Kerala hotel Trivandrum, We raise the bar in hotel hospitality!

A unique boutique hotel in the heart of Trivandrum, Pattom Royal offers a world-class hospitality experience. By bringing contemporary sensibilities to traditional notions of hospitality, the hotel aims to revolutionize the industry. Are you searching for the best holiday rooms in Trivandrum? Pattom Royal stays true to its name as it echoes the royal pride of the erstwhile Kingdom of Travancore and keeps top of all its competitors as one of the best hotels in Thiruvananthapuram. They provide their honored guests with a choice between one of their royal rooms at Pattom Royal. At the city’s heart is Patterson Royal, which offers 24 Royal Standard rooms that reflect the best of the city’s business hotels. 


The Royal Standard rooms boast a contemporary design with grandeur while still providing comfort without sacrificing space. Rooms in the deluxe category can accommodate up to 3 people and feature top amenities along with modern décor to ensure a pleasant stay. Guests can discover simplistic elegance at Pattom Royal, Kerala hotel Trivandrum with trendy furnishings and contemporary amenities. Wi-Fi access and 24-hour assistance are available to guests. Each room is equipped with a safe locker and an excellent security system so that guests can feel at ease – your belongings will be kept safely. Pattom Royal’s room service is something truly exceptional. With a high standard of customer service, Pattom Royal provides the most incredible accommodations for its valued guests. Pattom Royal, one of the top 10 hotels in Trivandrum, has always had your best interests at heart. The royal rooms don’t end just there; It’s just a beginning! You can never get enough of the Pattom Royal offer: Royal Deluxe, Royal Suite, Royal Superior rooms, seems endless! 


The Royal Deluxe rooms are the pinnacle of business-class elegance. At Pattom Royal, one of the finest business hotels in Trivandrum, you will be surprised by the amenities of our Royal Deluxe rooms. Each room is exquisitely decorated and will not leave you disappointed. These spacious and comfortable rooms deliver everything needed to ensure maximum comfort and convenience. With 300 sq. ft of space, these superior rooms have interconnected room facilities designed to provide easy mobility around the large hotel. Fully equipped, the royal deluxe rooms offer a high level of comfort suitable for business travelers. Patton Royal rooms aren’t complete without the Royal suite rooms. 


Do you want to enjoy the world-class amenities in Trivandrum? Among one the finest hotels in Trivandrum, Pattom Royal offers you world-class amenities. With its refined ambiance and modern facilities, the royal suite from Pattom Royal redefines elegance. It was designed with your needs in mind – to offer an exclusive service that will elevate your stay experience, ideally suited to extended business trips or travel with children. Its top-of-the-line accommodations offer the most incredible degree of comfort and convenience. The Pattom Royal Hotel is the right choice for those searching for elegant rooms in Trivandrum for family or business. The ultimate goal of Pattom Royal is to make you happy. Make your stay comfortable and safe by staying at Pattom Royal, the finest hotel in Kerala.

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