Pattom Royal Multi-Cuisine Restaurant in Trivandrum, Welcome to heaven on earth!

Who doesn’t like a pleasant evening with family? Surely a rooftop garden would be perfect for such an evening? At Pattom Royal, one of the best hotels in Trivandrum, you will be able to fulfill your wish. Its beautiful sunsets at dusk add to its appeal, which draws a multicultural clientele into the night. If you want to have a good time with your family, friends, or colleagues, there is no better place than Pattom Royal Kerala hotel Trivandrum. At Pattom Royal Multi-Cuisine Restaurant in Trivandrum, international ingredients and techniques combine with traditional flavors and cuisines to present innovative cuisine. It’s not just traditional flavors that attract visitors to Pattom Royal Multi-Cuisine Restaurant in Trivandrum, but also original flavors. They delight your taste buds with their culinary expertise. You should not waste your opportunity to serve your family and yourself by waiting. Reserve your table right away.


In addition to its reputation as a premier banquet and restaurant, Pattom Royal also offers a wide variety of dishes from the western, Chinese, northern, and southern cuisines. There are a variety of dishes served by their friendly staff that will linger on your palate for years to come. It is a complete experience worth taking advantage of. Do you have a desire to pamper yourself or your family? The Royal Thali Meal, this premier banquet & restaurant in Trivandrum, has become a Trivandrum landmark for its North Indian Thali dish. Do not miss this delicious food. The North Indian Thali at the Pattom Royal special offers you a chance to experience a wide array of different local foods at one time. 


Have you been trying to find the ideal evening destination where you can have an unforgettable experience? It’s impossible to beat the Executive Bar at the Pattom Royal when it comes to relaxing. An elegant and sleek executive bar at the Pattom Royal, one of the top-rated hotels in Trivandrum, one of the most sought-after hotels in the city, offers a wide array of exotic and creative cocktails concocted by their talented mixologist. For those who are looking for a place to boost their mood, Pattom Royal executive bar is a great choice. Ambient lighting, combined with music, helps to elevate your mood. Get your perfect evening started with the best snacks and light meals, and the best drinks. An extraordinary level of hospitality is one of the highlights of Pattom Royal, one of the best business hotels in Trivandrum. Whether it’s a business meeting or a romantic date, Pattom Royal Multi-cuisine restaurants in Trivandrum will make your evening more enjoyable. 


Get the most authentic, undiluted, and lavish dining experience with Pattom Royal Kerala hotel Trivandrum. The effervescent lounge provides the ideal setting for cozy tete-a-tetes with family and friends. What more do you need for a pleasant evening than a multicuisine restaurant, a rooftop garden, a famous North Indian Thali, and an excellent executive bar? Pattom Royal is among the best hotels in Trivandrum for both business and family gatherings. What makes you wait? Place your reservation now, and feel the essence of being Royal. 

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