We will take care of everything; whisper your dreams to Pattom Royal, the best Kerala hotel in Trivandrum!

Kerala’s capital, Thiruvananthapuram, enjoys a regal past. In recent years, the city has emerged as one of the best hospitality destinations in the country with a rich heritage. If you are seeking the best hotels in Trivandrum, look no further. An exquisite choice for a stay in Trivandrum and for a dining experience, the Pattom Royal Hotel is an excellent choice. With its distinctive guest experience, Pattom Royal is one of the most desired business-class hotels in Trivandrum city. They adhere to their principle of providing the best experience to their customers by prioritizing customers’ comfort. 


What makes Pattom Royal one of the top 10 hotels in Trivandrum? Pattom Royal, one of the finest hotels in Trivandrum city, is best known for its exceptional customer service, which makes it the ideal place to stay for business or pleasure. With refined amenities and excellent décor, Pattom Royal, the unique Kerala hotel Trivandrum, has made attention to contemporary aesthetics and amenities. There are 45 magnificent guest rooms that are spacious, perfectly designed, beautifully furnished, and equipped with the best bedding available today. Free high-speed internet access is provided 24/7 in Pattom Royal hotel rooms in Trivandrum. While checking in to the top 10 hotels in Trivandrum, you can expect the best dining experience as well. The Pattom Royal is the best Kerala hotel Trivandrum, never undermining your expectations with its excellent in-room dining experience. Their goal is to provide customers with a unique dining experience with a diverse range of dining options that suit their preferences. Their individuality allows them to stand out from others.


Patom Royal is known for its excellent in-room dining service and a magnificent restaurant offering inventive cuisine. Buffet service at their restaurant is excellent. They serve breakfast and lunch daily, plus live cooking. At Patom Royal, one of the top 10 hotels in Trivandrum, guests can enjoy the relaxing RoofTop Garden on the 8th floor, where they can enjoy a wide variety of local and national cuisine prepared by live chefs. Pattom Royal provides guests a unique culinary experience unlike any other with global ingredients and techniques and a team of experts. Do you want a stimulating, heady night out that you won’t soon forget? A visit to the Executive Bar at Pattom Royal will be a memorable experience. Their executive bar offers an extensive menu of exotic and creative cocktails created by their mixologist. A combination of ambient lighting, music, and comfort significantly enhances your experience. 


The effervescent lounge is the perfect spot for a cozy tete-a-tete with friends. In the midst of Kerala’s bustling capital city, Pattom Royal’s business-class executive bar embodies a sense of serenity. Pattom Royal Hotel typically hosts events of impressive proportions. Pattom Royal hotel enjoys a prestigious reputation for hosting various business events such as conventions, conferences, meetings, and corporate functions. Due to its top-notch ambiance and superior service, it has earned its reputation as the prime choice for hosting business events. With decades of experience, Pattom Royal, one of the finest hotels in Trivandrum City, plays a gracious host to a wide array of clients and events.

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